View of Istanbul

Aegean Sea area of Turkey

Istanbul Information - Things to do

Take this five day tour along the breathtaking coastline of Turkeyís Aegean region, full of ancient Greek cities. The first stop after leaving Istanbul is the Gallipoli peninsula for a tour of the World War I battlefields war-related sites. Visit Troy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home of the famed Trojan Horse. See Pergamum, an ancient Greek city, where youíll visit the acropolis whose impressive temples and library made Pergamum a renowned cultural and political center in its time. See bibical famous Ephesus, with the Temple of Artemis, Arcadian Way, Hadrianís Temple the ancient theater, St Johnís Basilica and the house of the Virgin Mary. Visit Pamukkale to admire the magnificent white limestone terraces and Necropolis, with its main street fronted by gates, Basilica of St Philippe and a Greek-Roman theater. You will have a chance to take a dip in the hot springs, which were used in Roman times.

This is only a few highlights of the Aegean region tour. For more information and to book a tour follow the link.